Kailix, the cloud-based, white-labeled, shipping platform to accelerate growth for freight forwarders

Kailix – leverage collaboration.

There are tens of thousands of freight forwarders offering to ship goods worldwide.

How to make shippers choose you?

Kailix helps you differentiate by offering greater benefits to your clients so you gain and maintain their trust.

Kailix is a client-facing platform embedded on your website to facilitate the end-to-end shipping process for you and your clients.

Kailix’s Marketing & Sales toolkit helps you promote your services, drive traffic, increase conversion and grow sales.

Kailix’s Operations toolkit allows you to propose your services on your website so your clients and agents can get instant prices, compare services, place bookings and track shipments at any time, from anywhere with any device.

A typical shipment is easily processed:

Step 1: Your client enters his shipment details and can instantly compare prices and services.

Step 2: Your client books his shipment. The client tracks his shipment online and access all shipping documents such as AWB, OBL, CMR, invoice, etc.

Step 3: Your client gets billed and pays online, by direct debit or through your own system.

Shipment details are injected in your transportation management system to easily manage bookings as usual. Bookings may also be automatically placed with your carriers whether they are integrated or not.

Kailix has been conceived and developed by a team of entrepreneurs with a successful track record in the transportation and technology fields.

Kailix has integrated the clients’ expectations all along. Therefore, Kailix now provides your clients with the seamless experience they enjoy as consumers and expect as professionals.

Our goals will always be to support our freight forwarders so they deliver world-class digital experience to their clients, beat their competitors and boost their profitable growth.

The journey is just starting.


Collaboration is one of our greatest assets. We advise our clients on how to combine and adjust Kailix’s modules to achieve the highest possible growth. Therefore, we maintain a close relationship with our freight forwarder clients all along.

“We recommend Kailix. With 17 years in this business, we felt we needed an online booking platform integrated with our back-office systems. Kailix’s staff helped us make the platform quickly operational for all exports to North America.”

“We experienced the team driving Kailix as a great technology partner. The process of implementation of the online booking application was smooth and quick. Our customers find it easy to manage their LCL shipments.”

“What we appreciate Kailix’s team for is their involvement. They’ve always been responsive and deliver fast. Kailix made it easier for us to propose our transportation services.”

United Kingdom
“I would unreservedly recommend Kailix as an ideal shipment booking system. We could already free up our teams since our shippers often get their prices online and transfer all shipment data upon booking. Kailix’s employees have been professional and reactive.”


Grow your business with Kailix

We’ll help you develop marketing campaigns to drive sales pipeline across relevant target audiences.


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