What is Kailix?

Kailix is a multipurpose platform, designed to strengthen the growth and profitability of our freight forwarding clients. Kailix is embedded into your website. It offers 3 modules: Marketing & Sales, Quote & Book, and Billing & Payment so as many shippers as possible can easily buy your services.

Why did you create Kailix?

Based on meetings with many shippers, we found that only 50% of the quotes were responded to and within 5 days. Kailix’s Quote & Book module was developed so shippers could get instant quotes and place immediate bookings 24/7.

When should we go online?

Based on several studies, shippers expect to book about 20% of their shipments online by 2023. Many forwarders use Kailix to save time and gain new shipments/clients while simplifying the booking and payment processes.

We have a website, a Transportation Management System and a Tracking system, why would we need Kailix?

Kailix is a client-facing platform that integrates with your current back-office applications and serves as an online client engagement layer, empowering you to do your work more easily.

How can we subscribe?

You can register online. Upon approval, you can select your monthly subscription and scale, up or down, at any time to increase productivity and number of shipments.

How much does Kailix cost?

All modules are priced competitively. As soon as your account is validated, all prices are available for you to decide.

Do we need to install a software?

No. Kailix is a cloud-based white label platform available to your clients right on your website. It’s available on any device (smartphone, computer or tablet).

Do you offer integrations?

All jobs are simplified since Kailix connects all partners by integrating with existing Accounting systems, Transportation and Rate Management Systems, e-Commerce platforms, Carriers’ database, etc.

Upon client’s booking, do we need to retype all shipment details?

No. We provide options so you can directly make use of your client’s data entries in your current Transportation Management System to create all shipping documents.

Our clients have different rates. How does it work?

There are many tools to get your rates into Kailix so your clients get their personalized quotes. Your sell rates can easily be adjusted by client, mode of transport, service, trade lane and direction to gain a maximum number of shipments at the highest possible margins.

What are the steps to make Kailix operational?

We help you to be up and running in as little as a day! We support you in defining a manageable scope: clients, modes of transport, services, trade lanes, etc.

Do you offer support all along?

Yes. We provide the required support to ensure you achieve full benefits from using Kailix.

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