Boost your growth with outsourced marketing

As companies develop their growth strategies, management teams increasingly recognize that outsourced marketing can be an efficient instrument to achieve their revenue goals.

Therefore, a growing number of companies are farming out marketing operations and analytics. Data mining, client database and lead management outsourcing are growing fast. Dynamic pricing models are used to price services in real time to align offer and demand. These models may include price elasticity as one of the factors to determine the optimum price in order to maximize profit.

By outsourcing marketing, forwarders can surpass their competitors and reinforce both revenue and bottom line while focusing their own teams on key projects. In all cases, forwarders stay in charge and drive the marketing strategy. Outsourced marketing operations are like an extension of their sales team, and the contents of a marketing campaign are fully adapted such as targets, sectors, creative design, digital channels, pricing tiers, etc. to generate demand and enhance sales conversion.

As a result, companies often see their marketing suppliers as true partners that can create shared value over the long term.

What is usually outsourced?
Marketing activity Operations Program development & management Data analytics Client integration
Frequently outsourced functions • Call center operation
• Website management
• Data mining
• Email / social media program management
• Targets database management
• Program design
• Campaign creative development
• Campaign management
• Lead management
• Pricing / incentive management
Analysis of:
• Campaign performance
• Client behavior
• Brand health
• Price elasticity
• Client onboarding program
• Uniform client experience across several contact points or channels
• Penetration program & lifetime value

By outsourcing marketing initiatives, companies can achieve several benefits:

Increase sales revenue

An outsourced marketing partner can drive sales growth while minimizing the need to allocate time and money to hire, train, manage and retain skilled people. Distroship can quickly develop and launch marketing programs aligned with your brand, sales strategy and product focus to acquire new clients to fuel your growth.

Pay upon results

Engaging an outsourced marketing partner offers the benefits of reduced financial risk: usually, companies only pay for the results they get.

Leverage marketing expertise

Working with an outsourced marketing partner gives the opportunity to take advantage of years of experience in direct client acquisition. With sharp, face-to-face and multi-channel client acquisition programs, outsourcing can be a complementary channel to deliver quick results through a tested approach to help forwarders achieve their revenue goals.

Drive to perfection

Building effective marketing programs can take ages before achieving a winning formula. By outsourcing to a marketing partner, forwarders can take advantage of proven programs that swiftly deliver results. Experts know how to quickly gather and apply target data, create impactful campaigns, analyze performance, adjust pricing and incentives to acquire more shippers and increase revenue. All tasks are performed neutrally for the account of the forwarders.

Improve speed to market

Onboarding new clients and launching new programs can be time consuming. Distroship’s integrated Marketing & Sales processes enable easy and quick shipper-run onboarding activities. Forwarders can gain new clients with little effort. New clients create their accounts, get a quote and book their shipments. Clients are nurtured to ensure the “stickiness” necessary for long-term relationships with the forwarders. New products can be pushed to win business on required trade lanes in line with the objectives of the sales management team.

At Distroship, we propose marketing as a fully integrated service. Enlisting Distroship could allow you to save money, acquire new clients and rapidly boost revenue. Our services are a seamless integration with your business as you remain in charge. From data mining to lead generation, target database management and analysis, dynamic pricing, online quote and booking, billing and payment, etc., we have solutions that can expand your market share and increase your revenue.

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