Digital transformation in the Freight sector will hit $145 billion by 2025

Digital technology creates new or modifies existing processes, culture and even customer experiences to satisfy changing business needs and market demands. Digital transformation, especially in the Freight sector, helps a company to stay competitive in a market that is continuously growing with the evolution of technology.

The global market size for digital transformation in the Freight sector was valued at $55 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to rise up to $145 billion by 2025 (CAGR of 13%).

There is high adoption of digital technologies in the field of Freight as developing robust new platforms solve problems related to proper resource utilization, bottom-line profitability, demand-supply matching, increased connectivity and visibility across systems.

With the improved operational connectivity and visibility between previously siloed systems and organizations, stakeholders can easily connect to each other throughout the channels.

Therefore, digital transformation in the Freight sector is progressing quickly since it can deliver several benefits.

Freight forwarders and Carriers digitalize their processes in many ways. For example, some of the latter already provide online instant quotes and bookings. According to McKinsey, with carriers’ digitalization, direct shipper-carrier bookings could go from 5% up to 15-20%.

Some benefits digitalization can bring:

Reduced mishandlings and mistakes

Automation helps reduce errors. Manual entries are greatly reduced. Handovers are minimized.

Multichannel sales

Online sales can complete the traditional channels. You can gain more clients and more shipments at reduced costs. This can complete the traditional sales calls reserved for your key clients.

Differentiation and greater value

You may offer instant quotes, online bookings and payments to your clients to free up some time and focus on your key clients and projects. Your clients generally enjoy an improved purchasing process.

Close relationships with your clients

You can engage your clients through digital channels so they can place bookings as needed – online and in real-time 24/7. As such, you may create stronger and personalized relationships with them.

Be at the forefront

In a world in constant quick changes, it’s vital to adapt promptly to gain your fair share of your markets. Technology, embedded into your own current infrastructure, can enlarge your ecosystem and support your profitable development.

Improved client experience

Businesses want to transact with you the way they do in their personal lives. Instant quotes, online bookings, online billing/payment, track & trace, online access to past shipments, etc. make it easy for clients to buy.

At Distroship, we propose a client-facing platform that integrates with your current back-office applications. It serves as an online client engagement layer relieving your Sales / Operations teams from repetitive tasks. Shippers, with common needs, can easily self-serve and buy your services, giving you more time to resolve service issues and address clients’ specific requirements.

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